Well for many families, the hustle and bustle has settled… Christmas has come and gone. Today is usually the day many of us will rush out and catch the AFTER CHRISTMAS SALES. Every year I go and buy a few things that I had my eye on, but wasn’t able to purchase. I mean who can pass up great deals on items you hope will still look great with your Christmas décor next year! Sometimes we aren’t braving the stores in order to purchase sale items, sometimes we are there to return or exchange our holiday gifts! There are a few things that didn’t quite fit right, or didn’t smell as pleasant, or weren’t on the Christmas list that need to be returned or exchanged.

I find that there still is quite a bit of holiday buzz all the way into the New Year! And before we get out our list of resolutions I’d like to challenge you to not rush away from Christmas so soon. I don’t know what it looked like at your house over the last couple of days, but let’s not get too caught up in the holiday business to truly cherish the eternal beings around us. And because we are Christ followers, let us not rush away from the manger just yet!

I’ve heard it said that every day is Christmas for those who believe. I began to ponder this thought weeks before Christmas this year… Am I living a life with expectancy of the Messiah coming? You see I want to live every day with the assurance of Jesus putting on flesh and living a sinless life. Because He came I am an heiress, a child of God. And because He died I am free. Because He saw fit to be born in the most humble of ways, I have a Savior who understands what it means to be human. And I don’t want to finally get around to taking down the Christmas decorations and boxing up the nativity scene without reflecting on the Second Advent. Am I ready for the return of My Glorious King?

This question may be too deep for the after Christmas coma we sometimes slip into, but this is my challenge to you before you get to comfortable… are you living a life with expectancy of the Second Coming? You see the great exchange isn’t happening behind the counters at the mall because the Christmas gifts weren’t quite right. The great exchange happened over 2000 years ago, and that exchange came with a promise… A promise that you won’t find marked as a sale item or 50% off but given freely. A promise of the return of the greatest gift ever given… Jesus!

You see the “After Christmas” is not for sale. It is a promise that is free and costly at the same time. It is a life filled with expectancy and eternity all wrapped in a glorious gift that we are commissioned to give away every day until Jesus comes again. The question then becomes, how will you wait?

So I close with these words spoken by Christ to John in Revelation 3:11 “I am coming soon…”