Have you ever wished for a more meaningful Christmas with family?

This year has been wild, and our Bibles show us that things aren’t always smooth and go as planned.  For instance, the very first Christmas took a lot of people by surprise. There were angels and miracles a part of this grand story.

How would you respond if an angel showed up in your living room?  I want to share two different responses from the Bible that were visited by angels.

First is a young girl named Mary and then an older man named Zechariah.

Mary, the young mother to be, chose belief over fear and spoke a fierce yes to God.  Zechariah on the other hand, the older and wiser, chose doubt and unbelief right in that moment, and he lost his voice for nine months. I love how God was patient with him and the miracle still came as a result of his humanity getting in the way, slightly.

Imagine Mary who was engaged to be married to Joseph – the engagement period usually lasted over one year, and any unfaithfulness during that time would be punishable by death.

Yet, when Gabriel announced how she had been selected by God himself for this divine work, her response was filled with curiosity and wonder, and she simply asked, “how can this happen, I am a virgin.”  When he gave her more information, she said  “As his servant, I accept what he has for me.  May everything you have told me come to pass.”

Now Zechariah’s did not say yes to being the father of John the Baptist.

When Gabriel declared: “I have come to tell you that your prayer for a child has been heard and today it will be answered.  Your wife, Elizabeth, will bear you a son and you are to name him John.

He didn’t break down crying.  He didn’t remember Abraham and Sarah.  Instead, he doubted in that moment.  Fear gripped him, and he said, “how do you expect me to believe this, I’m an old man and my wife is too old to give me a child.  What sign can you give me to prove this will happen?”

Gabriel quickly said, because you did not believe you will not be able to speak until the day my words from my mouth are fulfilled.

This Christmas season lean into God’s presence and speak to him as Mary spoke to him with faith.  We are his children and his servants. Let’s not allow the enemy to silence our voices with unbelief.  Let’s remember he has a glorious plan for our lives as well as He did for Mary and Zechariah.  Every one of us has been given the opportunity to birth new life from the inside out of our being.  Let’s not be afraid.  Let’s believe in the impossible.  Let’s watch miracles unfold this Christmas season in 2020 despite the wildness around us just as God had planned.

Merry Christmas my friends.

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  • JenniferG

    Thank you Ms Gloria—-exactly what I needed to hear today. Merry Christmas to you !!!!!

    • Gloria Toti

      Hi Jen, I’m glad you were challenged and blessed as much as I was by reflecting on that truth. Merry Christmas to you and your momma.

  • Joyce Herron

    Thank you for your words, Gloria. It is very difficult to be at home 24/7 and not go to services or any place where
    encouragement is given. However, I find myself enjoying the Word without interruptions of “things I must accomplish” and
    “places I must go’. Pastor’s sermons and your words are two places I can go on line and receive words of encouragement, direction and learning. May the year end with surprises from the Lord for you, for our church and for our country.

    • Gloria Toti

      Hi Joyce, I’m glad you are enjoying some divine, Selah time in the midst of our 2020 unprecedented season. I’m praying for God to lead us with His power and grace into 2021. May we all continue to move toward winning souls through prayer. Witnessing is never off limits to believers – even when we can’t leave our homes – we can pray. Love you beautiful mentor. I’m glad you are well.

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