I was listening to a worship song the other day that was talking about God’s glory. I began to ponder the misconception I had regarding moving from glory to glory.

You see in my own life, I find I want to grow. I want to move spiritually upward. I want to bear fruit, and I want to pour into others. I want to continue to experience this place of maturity in Christ. And I believe all of these things are good things. I actually believe all of these things are God things. But there is this place of revelation God gave me as I continued to listen to the words of the song that had me realizing that in order to truly experience God’s glory, and move from glory to glory, I have to surrender more and more. It actually isn’t an upward movement at all; it is a downward, more humble position of my heart.

I know for the longest time I think I thought moving from glory to glory was moving to a higher status, an elevated position or platform, or a higher level of influence. Yet glory is something we as humans shouldn’t ever touch. Glory is actually the evidence of God on the earth. So any glory I experience is only to promote my Father in Heaven. So what I mistakenly assigned as an upward movement in social status or elevated experience is actually a slope in the opposite direction.

In order for me to experience glory to glory I must continue to become less and less to make room for God to receive all the glory. And it isn’t something I have to say is happening. People will see it for themselves. Isn’t that what evidence is anyway. If glory is evidence of God in a situation there isn’t an announcement there is only a realization.

What I have learned about God is that He is really good at captivating His own audience. When He wants to display His affection or reveal any mysteries He does it for reasons my mind can’t comprehend and in ways that are beyond human capability so that we can’t take credit. And unlike me, He doesn’t vie for attention. He is pretty secure in who He is!

Psalm 108:5 reads “Be thou exalted, O God, above the heavens: and thy glory above all the earth…” KJV

In the Message it reads “Soar high in the skies, O God! Cover the whole earth with your glory!”

My heart cries… I will exalt you Oh Lord, and let the evidence that you are God cover the whole earth!