This was the 3rd time he’d ask me this specific question…  I had given every excuse before, even said I’d pray about it, even though I really hadn’t ask God what He thought about it.  I wanted to say a quick no, not drag out the conversation very long, explain my lack of ability and finally be done entertaining the idea once and for all.  But here I was… the question was out in the open again, waiting for my response, waiting for my faith, waiting eagerly for my answer.  So, I leaned in, gave in, and dived right in…  I said yes!

I look back on my life and revel at the moments I said YES!  I said an awkward yes the very first time my little crush in elementary school asked me to be his girlfriend…  I said a hesitant yes the first time I said yes to try outs for the tennis team in Junior High…  I said a fearful yes the first time I was asked to audition for the lead role in our high school play…  I said an enthusiastic yes when Ray asked me to marry him (and that one yes turned into a daily yes).  I said a yes filled with anticipation when I was asked to teach my very first Prize 31 women’s class…  I look back on so many yeses and see the pivotal shift in my destiny…

There were lots of no’s as well.  I sometimes feel like I struggled to say no to adding more activities to my calendar or more responsibilities to my plate; but in actuality that fear of missing out sometimes kept me from my best yes!  But there were moments when God was asking me to step out, trust Him, and take the leap of faith, and my answer was a BIG HUGE NO!!!  There are some no’s that I know changed my life in a moment, yet God in His Devine timing still put me right back on course…

I think a lot of the scary yeses are really hopeful MAYBES!  That is what it felt like that day I said this particular to a friend who was asking me for the 3rd time to host my own talk radio program.  Have you had a Maybe God moment in your life?  Saying that really fearful yes was surrendering to the ability I don’t have in order to submit to the ability of my God who is not limited!  When I read the Word I see that there was lots of uncertainty hidden in the pages of hopeful maybes…  It challenges me to not have to know the plan to stay on course.  I can go into uncharted territory because God alone goes before me and behind me.  I am learning to trust Him and learning to go where He sends me.

“The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.”  Proverbs 16:9

~Ian Rodriquez