Pantomime – the telling of a story without words by means of bodily movements, gestures, and facial expressions.

I have always been yours and so it was since the beginning of time.
You, oh Lord and Me, Our identity intertwined.
With robes of righteousness and a jeweled set crown,
I have always been yours. Your reflection mirrored with mine.

Gardens and soil. Intricate life grown with labor and toil. And what it contains, a mystery and purpose only heaven can explain.

Which one is correct? When the soil is fertile, do we go ahead and plant, or do we plant first
and then try to make the soil fertile?

Everything has its time. Everything has its season. Are we stepping in rhythm or are we sublime,
walking and running at our own pace for our own reasons?

Which is correct? A planned birth or an unplanned birth? Whether a birth is planned for or not,
it doesn’t change the gift inside. The wonderful untold story and the ultimate intention. The designers creation and thought.

Fate verses destiny, which one is correct? Some things happen that are out of our control but,
we are responsible for the choices we make. What we do now and the steps we walk today,
the paths that are chosen. The road we chose to take.

There is a master library.  My book has been placed, so carefully shelved. My story lays silent. No page yet turned until the Master calls and speaks my name.

Snowflakes and leaves. Harvest and seed. Everything has a time and place. As Eternity whispers
with a smile…… And His Oh So Amazing Grace!

“Let’s slow down,  Let’s take time, to align with heavenly realms…. and Pantomime.”

What is it that you see and hear? Come and take a closer look, oh precious daughter of mine.
It is never to early or late. The gift you carry is right on time.

Tiny hands that move so soft and gently. Never to be duplicated and one of a kind. Original prints
never meant to be erased. Intricate work, so detailed and fine.

The places we will go. The things we will do. Small moments in time, but Eternity…..He holds His
breath just for you!

“Come daughter and let us sing….to our Father for thankfulness, as we with one accord, sing
with angels and the saints. His children gone before. Oh His wonderful plans meant for now
at this amazing time. Let’s align with heavenly realms….and Pantomime.”

Oh the marks you will make and the stories you will tell, falling into time and space. The places you will go and the people you will touch. Fingerprints and footsteps, invisible to human eyes.
Residing in heavenly realms. Prints meant to gravitate and linger. Never meant to be erased.

” Oh precious wonderful son of mine. How you have grown and how quickly time has passed.
Come, let’s spend time. Create new memories. Let’s align with heavenly realms and……..

~ Tina Gonzalez