He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Psalm 147:3

This week has been a tough one. Our family suddenly lost a dear friend in an unexpected car accident. With her sudden passing it has gotten me thinking about the questions we ask when we lose someone near and dear, “How will the family get through this?” Or we often hear people ask “How will we move forward?”

The problem in these questions is that it is not a matter of how the family or friends get through the difficult hours, days, weeks, months and years ahead; the real question needs to be, “How am I going to push in to God to get me, we, us through this?”

For whatever reason these questions made me start thinking about our faith like a bank account. Each time we go to church, we pray, have other people lift us in prayer, read our Bible and devotionals we are depositing funds to our bank account. We are filling it up for the next withdrawal we will have to take from it.

In cases such as the unexpected loss of a loved one, or even expected for that matter, that “account” is diminished. Our faith can be shaken. We question “Why this person God?” “Why this way Lord?” That faith bank we have been depositing fervently in has less of a positive balance to it.

However, if we have been regularly supplying funding to our faith account, when these life events strike we get through them because of God, because we have faith and are not in the negative with our account. This week has been such a reminder to me the importance of regularly depositing in my account for the unexpected, not just for my sake but for others. How often do we have close friends in our lives that experience a great struggle and we get to be that comfort for them? We wouldn’t be able to give if we aren’t filled.

With the events of this week a Godly friend reminded me that our story has been written before we were born. God knew this event was going to take place and has been shaping and molding our dear friend, and her friends and family, for such. It doesn’t take away the hurt, the loss nor the pain. Only time can heal, not replace. We must remember that our God is faithful and in this time I am trying to cover those left in prayer.

Even though the rest of us are left here mourning, we know without a doubt she is in the arms of Jesus. She was one of those dear people on earth that you just know is an angel walking amongst us all. I pray that one day people can look at me, just as I have said throughout the week about her, “There is no doubt where she is now. She is rejoicing with our Lord.”

Fly high beautiful angel, thank you for touching my life forever.


~ Kristin Huber