As 2017 is rapidly drawing to a close, I’ve found myself reflecting over the past year.

I had a plan last New Year’s Eve that we would start a new tradition in the Huber household, (let me first say it didn’t get implemented and today I sure wish it had), to keep a jar on our counter and fill it with the great things that happened to us over the year. At the conclusion of each week I wanted us each to write down at least one good thing that happened to us over those last seven days. When New Year’s Eve rolls around the next year you gather with those that have filled the jar and look back on the year’s events and reminisce a bit. As mentioned I dropped the ball on this but I WILL do it for 2018. I already know just the jar and just the location. I’m even thinking about gifting a jar to a few of the closest people/families to us so they too can start this tradition. Easy last minute Christmas gift too if you are still shopping. The major milestones, trips and even tragedies will stick out to us all, but I wanted to hopefully get you thinking a little deeper. In 2017:

  • I witnessed how an honest expression of belief in another person’s dream gave them the motivation to pursue it.
  • I’ve watched children turn in to caregivers and the heartfelt gratitude expressed by their father for the unconditional love provided.
  • I took a trip of a lifetime with my husband and managed to spend our anniversary in another country’s hospital (we sure made a memory). J
  • I watched my sister get engaged and start her journey to a God-filled marriage.
  • I’ve laughed and cried with those I love most.
  • I’ve built deeper friendships.
  • I’ve continued traditions with my mom and sister that I will cherish forever.
  • I’ve realized home renovation is not my cup of tea.
  • I’ve released some bitterness I have held on to for too long.
  • My faith has been shaken and yet strengthened.
  • I’ve failed.
  • I’ve succeed.
  • I have set some goals for myself for 2018 (hopefully future blog material).

I hope you stop and take a minute to reflect on this past year in your life. Remember the good and the not so good, but try and remember those small moments too. Think about how you made someone’s day by paying for their coffee without their knowledge. Think about the compliment that someone provided you on a day that you needed to hear it most. Think about times you have laughed until you cried and cried until you laughed. Lastly, think about how you want to continue to grow and be a blessing to others in the upcoming year.May you and yours have the Merriest Christmas and Blessed New Year!