“Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” -Galatians 6:2
I have been contemplating the importance of support lately. No matter what the situation may be, having a strong support system has been the key to making it through this life for me.

Let’s take it from an architectural viewpoint to start. Whether we are talking about a building, home or automobile they must have a strong frame to support everything else. A multistory building must have strong beams to support the weight of the structure and the people within. A home requires a sturdy frame to encase the plumbing, insulation, drywall, etc. That framing protects the people that will live in that home for years to come. The same for an automobile; that vehicle’s shell safeguards the occupants from the elements and accidents. But what about our support system?

I don’t want to focus on our actual bodies, although our God creates a masterpiece with each life that comes into this world. I want you to reflect on your support system of family and friends for a moment.

When life gets tough, where do you turn? Some of my friends, family and co-workers have recently faced some real struggles in their own lives and walks with Christ. A few of the problems have been small situations to those that have been much larger issues of relationships and illness. I know when there are holes in my structure where I turn and seek direction. My husband, parents, sister, friends and co-workers each carry their “speaking spackle” with them wherever they go. (I just created that little phrase, but I like it J) I am patched from head to toe with words of encouragement, guidance and loads of hugs from those helping me navigate my life. But there is more to contemplate.

I want you to think about what your “spackle” looks like for others? Are you too consumed with your own problems to be that listening ear to someone you have once called upon? What words of praise and wisdom and God’s scripture are you spouting back to them? What support are you providing to that fallen structure in your life?

I know I don’t have all the answers for each situation that my family and friends face, but I hope they know I am here to always listen and be in their corner. Sometimes that corner requires tough love, but I’ve really tried to adjust my thinking to reflect that this person selected me to be their listening ear. When they could have turned anywhere else, they chose me. I’m also trying to use this as encouragement to not only read my Bible but commit to memory verses. I don’t want to just be a structure that tells a friend what they want to hear; I want to be a vessel of God’s word.