Thursday – 7 pm – Chapel 

What would happen to us if we stopped living from yesterday’s disappointments?  It’s time to bury our dead yesterdays.  Let’s begin living toward our unborn tomorrows.

Led by Gloria Toti and Shawnee McClure



Thursday mornings – 8:30 am – Chapel

Two important themes we will be discussing is avoiding pointless bickering and holding to sound biblical teachings. Arguments over non-essential issues quickly turn into feuds, poisoning the body of Christ just as gangrene attacks the physical body.  Here, he reminds Timothy that gentleness and patience are key. After all, those who do not believe are not our enemies: they are those we are trying to rescue from the control of the enemy.

Led by Leslie Rich and Gloria Toti



How to be one and Why you need one…

Sundays – 6 pm – Chapel 

This is a gathering for college-age girls and young adult women in their 20’s

At the end of the study, we will assign a mentor to each attendee for three months – if desired. We are serious about connecting you with a spiritual friend…or as Lisa Bevere says it, “a Godmother.”

If anyone of you are interested in becoming a Godmother, please email us at prize31@trinitytoday.com  

Led by Gloria Toti, Shawnee McClure, and Leslie Rhodes



Embrace Life 

Sunday- 9 am – Trinity Church Ed 1 Building Room 207

This group is for single mothers who are ready to flourish in their relationship with God!

You, brave mom, will learn spiritual and practical ways to help navigate your way through life while using the Holy Spirit as your compass. Are you ready to not only survive in life but THRIVE?

Led by: Mari Huerta, Ally Ethridge, Shelly Brewster

For more information, please call Heartline @ 806-788-0500 or email embracelife@trinitytoday.com

*Childcare provided by Trinity Kidsplace



 There is a path to healing from a past abortion.

 Join a group of women who have been where you are. You will find healing and restoration in a supportive and confidential environment.

If you are interested, please email surrenderingthesecret@trinitytoday.com




Meet Gloria

Women’s Pastor, Blogger, Advocate for Life, Wife, Mom

Gloria loves life – she is ecstatic to be someone God uses to jumpstart a life. She calls it passing the baton through encouragement. Gloria is on a mission to see other women love God, love themselves, and love others.

Dying to self and living for God is what her life declares. She knows that a company of girls can be released to halt the social injustices in this world. She wants as many to join the adventure of experiencing what God will do through lives that are wholly devoted to Him.

She can be found serving and keeping things as steady as possible in the Toti household.

She realizes that the P-31 woman was rising before the sun and sewing clothes, but that doesn’t happen very often in her home, actually it never happens. She does admit that there are not too many sale racks she can resist. Does that count to be on the list of the P31 virtues? You decide….

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