Fear Less…Faith Forward

Psalm 56:3-4

3 When I am afraid, I put my trust in you. 4 In God, whose word I praise— in God I trust and am not afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?

I’m starting to sense a new trend in our society, and I don’t mean bringing back tie-dyed clothing or bike shorts. I’m seeing that our culture has become one paralyzed by the trend of fear. Living “during this time of uncertainty” (more on the quotes later), is unnerving. However, I am beginning to think fear has become the new caffeine that the world thrives on. Just like having that morning cup of coffee, or Dr. Pepper in my case, once that adrenaline gets pumping you need more to maintain your stamina throughout the day. We wake up and take our first cup of fear with the morning news. As the day progresses you see more updates on your internet browser’s homepage and your phone/tablet continue to light up with news notifications. Then you get in the car to go from point A to Z, and every stop in between, and lo and behold more news gets streamed through your radio. Do you see where I am going with this? We are continually being fed fear.

I wish I had the capability to start a news program that treated the bad news of the day like the current media treats the highlight segment. Most broadcasts fill our days with the negative: from politics, to tragic deaths, to car accidents, robberies and the list of depressing items goes on and on and on. Halfway through the broadcast they take a deep breath and lighten things up with a feel-good story. The segments always end with, “what a great way to wrap the heaviness of this morning’s news”. I’d love to flip the script. Why can’t the broadcast showcase local heroes, people banning together to help their local community, fundraisers to support causes, silly clips of kids and animals, the weather and sports? Thrown in the middle, a brief segment on the “information” that has been deemed newsworthy. Can you imagine the difference in our society if that’s how the news played out? 

I was scared when the pandemic started. This was uncharted territory and we didn’t know what the right decisions were to stay safe. In reality, this is nothing new. Those quotes from above about “during this time of uncertainty,” that is LIFE. We are uncertain about each and every day that God grants us. Sure, we have a schedule most days, but how often do our plans get thwarted by the uncertain? We planned to do this, or to do that, but God had another plan. He is the ONLY one who knows what is guaranteed.

I want faith, and the good that exists, to propel me forward. I am refusing to fall for the idea that everything around us is terrible. My faith dictates that God is good and that we are created in His likeness.

I encourage you to try and remove one source of negativity from your life this week. Let’s start the week knowing that our faith in God is the only thing that is certain.

Be blessed,

Kristin Huber

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  • Stephanie Rodriquez

    This is so true! I never thought about how many times our plans change because of life. Thankfully we have our God who helps us with the twists and turns!

  • Marilyn Harkins

    Thank you for this, Kristin. We need to be constantly reminded of how blessed we are and to LIVE every day knowing that HE has this! I choose faith over fear!