It is difficult to begin writing a post when you are at a loss for words. How do you begin writing down what this year has been like, and it is only June? This year has given me a lot of time for contemplation and I simply wish to share my heart. 

We started self-quarantining in March. We held our son’s one-year birthday party at our house, then the world started discussing such things as essential and non-essential business, pandemic and that this virus was like nothing that has ever been seen before. As first-time parents, myself in particular, I have been more on the cautious side when it comes to our take on social distancing.

With so much unknown we decided to hunker-down at our house for two weeks just as a precaution. Well, two weeks turned into two more weeks, then it was six weeks and so on. Finally, nearly three months since we last saw our parents and siblings did we reconnect face-to-face. We have been so blessed by God to have a nice roof over our head, running water and electricity, never fearful of where our next meal would come from, but I found myself so sad over those months. I missed human interaction. I missed our loved ones.

We face-timed daily, multiple times if I’m being completely transparent, but that still was not enough. I wanted to sit with my mom and catch up on a new show. I wanted to share a meal with my mother-in-law. I wanted to hug them all.

This quarantine has taught me just how much we are not meant to do life alone. We need to be around those that we love, and love us in return, to be the best version of ourselves. The isolation, even though it was a relatively short time, was truly depressing. My hope and prayer is that I never take another opportunity I am with those I love so dearly for granted. Always get that extra hug at the end of the night. Allow our schedules to rearrange for family meal nights and random Tuesday night get-togethers.

As the world we know continues to change each day, I pray that I remember this unprecedented time in our history. I pray that I always make time for what truly matters. I pray I surround myself with those that make me happy and a better person. I pray to have ears that listen for the positive in this world and not hone in on the negative. I pray that our country engages in community once again and not remaining distant. I pray we love and hope deeper in our Heavenly Father than ever before, as this is the only thing that will heal and make our world whole again.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. Be not wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord, and turn away from evil. It will be healing to your flesh and refreshment to your bones.

Proverbs 3:5-8



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  • Debbie Walkup

    Amen, Kristin. We, of the body of Christ, need one another. And the world needs to see Jesus as we love them as well. God did not mean for anyone to live alone and lonely.

    Glad you have your mama back! And I guarantee she’s thrilled to be loving on her grandson again!

  • Diane Qubty

    Beautiful 💗 and now we add the ugliness of racism. God is speaking loudly. God bless you, sweet lady

  • Sue Davis

    I think your message resonates with a lot of us. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. You described beautifully how much God has placed within us the need to be with family and loved ones.
    This time of being isolated, I think, has taught us how
    we sometimes take for granted those people (and things) we take for granted in our everyday lives.
    Thank you God for loving us.

  • Betsy Lewis

    It has been a difficult time of separation, wondering the whole time if it will really make a difference or if the price we are paying to not get COVID19 is too great. Thankful for FaceTime and phone calls. But still very isolating, especially for the elderly in nursing homes.

  • Christy Ratheal

    Lovely and well said my sweet Kristin❤️

  • Pam Hephcott

    Truer words were never written.

  • Cindie

    Beautiful words sweet lady!!!

  • Shirley James

    Such true, true words Kristin!!! I believe Jesus is speaking loud & clear & we definitely need to listen!!! He is our only hope!!! Love you sweet girl!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Laura Lewis


  • Betsy Lewis